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Build your personal board of advisors that will help you create a better business and life.

A community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
A community of like-minded leaders.
Specific advice from people you trust.
Help overcoming your limiting beliefs.
On-demand video calls with experts.
Lessons to avoid painful mistakes.
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Follow a world class framework

Make better decisions, faster.

Get access to step-by-step guidance that will take you from idea to profit faster. Uncertain about what to do next? Call a mentor.

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Objective-driven mentorship

Online business building, simplified.

During your free consultation, we'll take the thousands of ideas in your head and simplify them. We'll define a few key objectives that move the needle. We'll build a cross-functional team of specialized mentors to help you achieve them fast.

Personalized matchmaking

Free expert recruiting

Easy scheduling

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Our Ethos

Why we do it.

Entrepreneurship is a driving force in a more positive future, creating personal and collective prosperity. Unfortunately, the old school startup culture worshipped investor returns, taught poor fundamentals, and treated entrepreneurs as disposable. We didn't like these options, so we created a new one. Designed, built, owned, and operated by entrepreneurs, not investors.

Core Principle 01

Founder First

We are wholly committed to the fulfillment of the entrepreneurs in our community. We'll never pressure you to raise money or become a unicorn.

Core Principle 02


We build mindfulness & physical health practices into our core framework. We don't condone the 'hustle or die trying' philosophy of old school startup culture.

Core Principle 03

World Positive

We support entrepreneurs that are making the world better. We put impact over income and support businesses that do the same.

ON Demand expertise

Learn while building.

You don’t have to commit full-time, lose control of your company, or pay $100K for an MBA to learn how to build a business. There's a better way forward with Mentorpass.

Predictable and affordable subscription

No strings (or equity) attached

Learn any time, anywhere

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an instant competitive advantage

Elite entrepreneurs invest in coaching.

"Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.”
"Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.”

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