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  • Available: Thursday, Mar 23rd at 11:00am

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Kristin O'Rourke

All things marketing
  • Available: Thursday, Mar 23rd at 11:00am

  • Specific Advice

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About Kristin

I am an independent marketing consultant, operator, and advisor with a decade of experience. Previously, I worked at Raden, Oyster (acquired by Google), Bonobos (acquired by Walmart), and Goldman Sachs. I take a holistic approach to marketing because every customer touchpoint is critical to growth. I have fingers-to-keyboard and strategy experience with a myriad of marketing tactics, platforms, and mediums. My clients span different verticals such as fashion, food & beverage, home goods, media, travel, health & wellness, pets, fintech, beauty, skincare, and baby gear.


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Consulted for one of the fastest private F&B companies in the U.S.


Consulted for the largest mattress/bedding company in the U.S.


Consulted for 15+ DTC and eComm companies over the last 4 years

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