Your growth is our promise.

Mentors have gotten me through some of the hardest cycles of my life. They've also been there for my biggest wins. They've taught me lessons that have changed my world-view. They've challenged me, inspired me, and, most importantly, they made me believe in myself. Your mentors can do the same. They can help you fulfill your potential. They can help you overcome limiting beliefs, break through fear, make hard decisions, and live your best life - wealthy, healthy, and happy.

Kenny Hanson - Founder & CEO of MentorPass
how it started

A simple challenge.

"You can spend the rest of your life talking about the future, or you can go out there and build it." These are the words that inspired our founder to go out and build MentorPass.

new era of mentorship

A personal approach to professional growth.

MentorPass is revolutionizing the mentorship experience. We did a deep systems analysis and identified many flaws. There are no quality standards or training, unclear incentives and guidelines, no 'skin in the game' for either party, and no good place to discover the right mentor for you. There's no wonder so few people get access to good mentors.

Meet the team.

Our co-founders met in Bali, Indonesia through the Hackagu co-working group. They're both digital nomads who share a passion for startups and surfing.

CEO & FOunder
Kenny Hanson

Kenny is a former technology consulting manager at Accenture with a background in agile coaching, business development, and program management.

cto & co-f0under
Lawson Taylor

An experienced full-stack engineer and startup veteran, Lawson is passionate about crafting great user experiences and helping others realise their potential through mentorship.


Our Ethos

A holistic approach to growth.

MentorPass is for growth-minded individuals that want to invest in their development. You can have an entire team of mentors and coaches working to optimize your life.

Core Principle 01


True wealth comes with freedom, not just money. You will learn how to use leverage to create and acquire assets that scale beyond your time.

Be Wealthy

Core Principle 02


Good health allows you to be a more effective founder. Too many people push too hard and burnout. Learn from health & mindfulness coaches on MentorPass.

Be Healthy

Core Principle 03


Real happiness emerges when you have purpose and make a positive impact on the world. We support mission-driven founders that love what they do.

Be Happy

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Company FAQ's

These are the most common questions asked about our business. If you have additional questions, please reach out to

Is MentorPass hiring?
Yes, we're currently looking for rockstar teammates to help with engineering, customer success, design, product management, and marketing. Email to learn more!
Where is the MentorPass HQ?
We're remote-first and like to spend time where our community is - New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City.

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