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Holly helps tech startups develop and execute effective growth strategies.

Holly Chen

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Fmr. Global Head of Digital Marketing @ Slack

Holly Chen is an award-winning Growth and Marketing advisor, angel investor, and Co-Active Coach for hyper-growth technology products. Prior to running ExponentialX, a Growth, Marketing, and Coaching Consultancy, she was the Global Head of Digital Marketing at Slack, helping it grow from 3M to 12M Daily Active Users, $100M to $700M ARR and going public. Prior to joining Slack in 2016, Holly was the Head of Growth at Google Retail, taking Google’s eCommerce flagship Google Store from ideation to launch in 24 countries and driving $x00M revenue, and launched Pixel, Google Home, and Android Wear. Holly also led Google B2B Website Strategies globally for Google’s marquee products such as Google Ads and Google Analytics with x00M monthly traffic and $x0B revenue. Prior to Google, she worked on Worldwide Product Management at Gucci.com, was the Head of Product and Marketing at social commerce startup mySkin.com, and advised on innovation strategies at Deloitte Consulting and Kearny for clients such as Mastercard, AT&T, UBS. Holly has a Master’s in European and Eurasian Studies from the George Washington University and speaks Italian and Chinese fluently.

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Independent Growth Advisor

Advisor/Consultant for growth-stage technology companies to unlock and scale growth opportunities. Interim CMO, VP of Marketing, Head of Growth to help companies acquire, retain, and monetize quality users. Focus: • High velocity/high volume self-serve freemium SaaS + enterprise growth model • Future of work / Martech / Marketplaces Scope: • Establish growth strategy (acquisition, retention, monetization), marketing strategy (go-to-market, brand, demand gen, performance marketing), and channel strategy (viral loops, content, paid media, organic/SEO, platform) • Establish data foundation and tools (tech stack, KPI, LTV/CAC, attribution model, measurement framework, testing) • Build team and hiring (org structure, role design, candidate vetting) Typical engagements: • Kickstart growth and marketing before hiring a senior leader full time • Help founder, CEO, CMO or CRO to systematically establish or review strategies, tactics, team, and tools • Elevate existing Marketing and Growth teams with holistic and data-driven strategies, and train the team to transition from agency to in-house

Global Head of Digital Marketing, Growth Marketing & Performance Marketing @ Slack

• Lead Digital Marketing globally at Slack. Increased top-line KPI 700% while decreasing the cost per acquisition by 30% in less than 2 years.
 Drive user acquisition, retention, and monetization across SMB and Enterprise customers.

Head of Growth, Demand Generation Lead, Google Store

Led Growth and User Acquisition for Google Store (store.google.com), the ecommerce flagship for Google hardware devices (Pixel, Google Home, Chromecast, Android Wear..). Joined as the first marketer, took it from stealth mode to global launch, led strategy and grew a team of seasoned marketers to drive high quality traffic, awareness, and sales. Won 3 Platinum Awards (highest performance award in marketing) and 3 Gold Award for outstanding performance and many peer bonuses.

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