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I start and grow $1B+ digitally native eCommerce brands. ex Manscaped, Facebook. Investor/Advisor.

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  • Available: Wednesday, Sep 27th at 9:30pm

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Ben Acott

CMO @ Feastables
  • Available: Wednesday, Sep 27th at 9:30pm

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About Ben

20 + years building things on the internet. Aussie creative/founder living in Southern California, playing deep within eCommerce, social, influencer/creator, creative, branding and growth marketing since 2008. Collectively, the brands I’ve started or worked closely with have well exceeded $1.5B in revenue, where I have lead a major part at either ideation, growth or scale phases. I bring deep expertise in creating performance-driven operating models, full-stack growth marketing, technology consulting and team buildout. I was early @ Facebook Inc., I advise and consult in venture capital & private equity, I'm responsible for helping over 2M men shave their balls ( Manscaped Inc. ), deployed hundreds of millions in paid media and been driving the subscription e-commerce movement since 2013. Investor to 44+ brands, acquirer of 4, founder, CMO of digitally native, eCommerce brands


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avatar David D

David D

I had an incredibly inspiring session with Ben, who possesses a refreshing perspective on marketing. He showed his unique creativity on creating funny content that goes viral, which users love and helps build a loyal customer community, ultimately establishing a genuine brand. I'm truly grateful for the eye-opening conversation.

avatar Santiago R

Santiago R

Ben's advice was GOLD. He has so much experience with Marketing, virality, content, branding, etc. He perfectly identified what we needed to improve and gave us the roadmap! Impressive and it was one of the best consulting calls I've had

avatar Kenny H

Kenny H

Ben provided me with excellent feedback on our value proposition, messaging, pricing, and product. Looking forward to our next session.

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