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I help DTC brands increase customer satisfaction and decrease churn.

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  • Available: Thursday, Mar 23rd at 4:00pm

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Anne Dyer

CX Manager @drinkolipop
  • Available: Thursday, Mar 23rd at 4:00pm

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About Anne

I'm a human centric and empathy driven professional in both DTC and SaaS spaces. Beyond general marketing assistance, my strengths lie in: ● general marketing strategy, customer experience, retention, and subscription management ● Research and implementation of SaaS programs for DTC or online revenue expansion ● Ideation and/or execution of general and segmented campaigns including customer referral and loyalty programs ● Manage and drive retention efforts to track ROI and AOV for a broad or segmented customer base ● Create upsell, win back, and post purchase email campaigns ● Planning and execution of small (20+) people to large (300+) people events ● Oversee marketing efforts including print, digital, outdoor, email. social, and in store execution for online, retail and DTC brands


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CX Operator of the Year Nominee

For outstanding customer experience

Mindfulness & Meditation Club - President

Guide mentations and lead group discussions on mindfulness to reduce stress and increase productivity

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