Benefits of being a Mentor

1. Help entrepreneurs grow

It's likely that at some point in your journey, somebody was there to teach you something helpful. The system only works if we continue to "pay it forward." There's also a lot of satisfaction in helping others succeed.

2. Get paid for your time

Mentoring is a great side-gig that will also pay you for doing something that most people love. Whether it's just some extra side cash, a way to bridge a career transition, or something that you want to do full-time, it's a great opportunity.

3. Sharpen your skills

They say that the best way to learn is to teach.

4. Meet new founders

MentorPass is a great opportunity to stay in touch with the startup community - meet up & coming founders, learn about the newest startups, and

Join the tribe.

Hey there,

My name is Kenny and I'm the founder of MentorPass.

I want to thank you for considering mentoring with us. I'm grateful for how many incredible people have already stepped up to join the tribe. As our network continues to grow, I'm increasingly committed to creating a strong team environment and aligning all of us around one simple mission, to help our clients grow.

A few things about mentoring with us.

Symptoms you may experience: 
1. Feeling great after helping people.
2. Making some extra money.
3. Getting sharper from teaching.
4. Meeting incredible people.
5. Feeling famous when we feature you.
6. Unexpected opportunities.

We create exceptional results for our clients by:
1. Adopting their mission as our own.
2. Serving with empathy, not judgement.
3. Providing specific and actionable advice.
4. Encouraging and instilling belief.
5. Acting honestly and with high integrity.
6. Being prompt and respectful.

My role in this, as a servant leader, is to enable you. Please never hesitate to contact me directly if there's anything I can do to better serve you.


Mentor Evangelist @ MentorPass

"Life's most persistent and urgent questions is, 'what are you doing for others?'"
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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